Burnin' Daylight: Entergy Mississippi solar sites are making progress

Published: 07/29/2015

Entergy Mississippi’s “Bright Future” solar pilot project is well underway. Construction continues at two of the sites and will begin soon at the third site in Brookhaven. All sites should be operational before the end of the year.

Construction began in June on our array at the Hinds Generating Facility in Jackson. The first week of August, crews should begin installing the racking equipment and the panels, and will probably be onsite for four weeks during this phase. Once the inverter is available, the crews will begin the last phase of installing it and commissioning the system.

In DeSoto County, the panel installation is complete and a crew will begin working on the electrical phase this week (July 27-31). 

We’ve received the final design layout from our partner, Stion Corporation, for the Brookhaven site and it’s under review. The fixed tilt array will be located in the right-of-way median of Manufacturer’s Boulevard, in a local industrial park. This site will require some pre-construction work before the installation of the arrays. That should begin in the near future.

Aaron Hill

Manager of Transmission Planning