A Conversation with Palisades Nuclear Stations’ Larissa Ringle …

Published: 07/06/2017

 Her Power Principle at Work

My power principle is to always remember that confidence is the first impression; kindness is the lasting impression. I strive to balance kindness and confidence on a daily basis at work.

She’s Motivated to Live and Work Safely

I take pride in the traits that help encourage a safe nuclear culture. Personal responsibility and accountability are essential in promoting a safe work environment; I believe it is my responsibility to exemplify these traits at home and in the workplace. Being a mother and an Entergy employee is something I am very proud of. I want to set a good example for not only my family, but my peers, too.

She Balances Work and Family                                   

I think that balance can be attained by measuring quality, not quantity, especially during those periods when the workload is high. When I first started as a security officer, working nights was very rough, caring for young children. On my days off, I made sure that I managed my time wisely and planned ahead so that I could get quality time with my kids. Although I work a normal schedule now, I still practice proper time management and planning to ensure quality time with my kids.

When She First Learned About Palisades

When I moved to southwest Michigan, it didn’t take me very long to hear about Entergy. This is a close-knit community, and Palisades is very engaged with the community and its people. I heard from friends and family that Palisades was a great company and that I should apply when an opportunity became available.