Entergy Honored With Excellence in Diversity Award

Published: 03/08/2018

The Louisiana Society for Human Resource Management awarded Entergy its 2018 Excellence in Diversity Award in recognition of our efforts to foster a diverse and inclusive environment in the workplace and in the community.

Louisiana SHRM presented Entergy representatives with the award at their third annual Diversity and Inclusion Summit Feb. 23 in New Orleans. The Louisiana Society for Human Resource Management is an affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management, the world's largest human resources professional society.

This award recognizes the positive impact Entergy's commitment to cultivating a diverse and inclusive work culture has made on employees and in our communities through numerous initiatives, including EnACT and the employee resource groups.

In 2017, funded by a $35,000 EnACT grant, Entergy's legal department's diversity and inclusion council created 1,500 Points of Illumination to help Baton Rouge schools recover from historic flooding.

Also in 2017, Entergy launched its first LGBTA employee resource group, Pride. The Pride ERG started with 50 participants and membership has since tripled to 125. This award, in part, recognizes the significant impact the Pride ERG has made in the work environment. Here are a few of the employee comments included in the award nomination:

​"The Pride ERG has helped me bring my 'true self' to work. For the first time in 27 years, I have faces and names of co-workers who are fighting the same fight for equality. It is hard to put into words how wonderful it is to work for a company where diversity is actually sought after and valued."

​"I believe the Pride ERG has had a positive impact on the work environment in my area. It is just one more sign to my team (and all Entergy employees) that the company is true in its commitment to diversity in the workforce. My team's diversity council requested a presentation from the Pride ERG and was very engaged and interested in the topic."

"Now that the Pride ERG has come into existence, I am even more pleased with Entergy. I've used the Pride ERG, as well as the other ERGs, as recruiting tools when I speak to young engineers and technical professionals. It's a selling point that sets our company apart from many others. Getting our company out in front of the LGBT community will increase Entergy's chances of hiring and retaining the very best people in the world."​

Jill Smith