Headline: Entergy Arkansas Linemen Have Fans Online in Jacksonville and Hot Springs

Published: 06/15/2018

Social media is all about the two Cs. Generally, people are more apt to complain than offer compliments, but when the appreciation hits the screen, we like to pass it along. With that in mind: 

Karen Weeks, in Entergy Arkansas’s Jacksonville office, explains that a garbage truck drove down a road in Jacksonville Saturday with its boom up. The boom snagged a telephone line, tearing down some of our lines and poles. Crews from Jacksonville, along with some help from the West Markham service center, worked more than 11 hours to restore power. On Facebook, Weeks saw this note from Jacksonville customer Greg Armstrong: 

"It seems sometimes as Facebook has become the official complaint department, and it would be really easy to complain about the fact that I spent the entire evening yesterday without electricity because of someone's apparent carelessness. But I would like to say thank you instead. I'm sure none of them will see this post, but as I sit here in a nice air-conditioned house, with a cell phone that is fully charged and a pot of coffee brewing, I am extremely thankful for the crews from Entergy that worked tirelessly for almost nine hours in 90+ degree heat yesterday to clean up the mess of down power lines and poles to restore power to our neighborhood! You probably are not thanked enough for the work you do! If you know one of them, pass this message along to them, please."

Consider it passed, Mr. Armstrong, and thank YOU.

Then there's this Facebook post from Hot Springs customer Kenneth Jones:

"Sunday afternoon Mother's Day at 5:30 p.m. we had a transformer blow itself up. I got off my job at 7 p.m. after a long day, and our local Hot Springs, Arkansas, crew was on site working on it. Seven houses with no power, and I wish I could remember these four guys' names. I remember one, Charlie, and I bet you can help me out with the other three. Well, these guys worked hard and got our power back on about 11:30 p.m. Heroes, they all were super nice, safety first. Please look our ticket up on Quail Creek Road in Hot Springs and give these guys a shout out! Thank you and your families for giving up family time to keep the power on. East Gate 2 subdivision is thankful." 

And look them up, we did. Those hard-working, safety-minded gentlemen were Charlie Price, Mitch Duncan, Benjamin Scott and Evan Fraser.

David Lewis

Communications Specialist II