Indian Point Unit 3 Safely Shutdown Following Failure of Transformer


Buchanan, N.Y. — Indian Point unit 3 safely and automatically shut down as designed following a failure of one of two main electrical transformers at the plant around 6:00p.m. The plant is currently in a safe,stable shutdown condition.

Following the transformer failure an automatic sprinkler system, along with trained onsite personnel, extinguished the fire.

There was no release of radioactivity and no threat to the safety of workers or the public.

The cause of the failure is under investigation. There were no injuries reported as a result of the transformer failure.

The unaffected unit, Indian Point 2 nuclear power plant, continues to operate at 100% power.

In accordance with federal regulations and emergency plant procedures, the NRC, state, county and local officials were notified. A Notice of Unusual Event is the lowest of four emergency classifications for U. S. nuclear power plants, as outlined by the NRC.

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