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Burnin’ Like a Heat Wave! Now is the Time to Prepare for Summer Temps

Summer is here and what’s better to go with sizzling summer temperatures than some cool savings? Before temperatures start burnin’ like a heat wave, take some time now to prepare for their effect on your energy bill by implementing some simple and efficient solutions at your home or business.

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What’s the Score? Entergy New Orleans Customers Can Find Out Through Online Portal

When it comes to energy usage, weather is a major factor in how much or how little the meter spins. And thanks to a pilot program launched by Entergy New Orleans, customers can not only learn how weather affects their home energy usage, but also how they can make informed choices about energy-saving measures.

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Energy Smart Rewards Superdome for Energy-Efficient Upgrades

When New Orleanians think of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, football games, concerts and Mardi Gras celebrations come to mind. But now, they can add energy efficiency to that list. That’s because New Orleans’ Energy Smart program recently awarded Superdome officials with a $50,000 cash incentive for lighting upgrades in the venue.

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Smart Thermostats to Help Low-Income Renters Save Energy and Money

When it comes to being energy-efficient, renters who live in multifamily housing typically don’t have the same freedom to make changes that will help lower their energy usage and cut costs as do average homeowners. But thanks to a pilot program that Entergy New Orleans recently implemented in Algiers, low-income renters now will have the chance to see the impact that Nest Learning Thermostats may make on their monthly energy bills – all at no charge.

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The Heat is On! Stay One Step Ahead by Implementing Simple Solutions

The heat is on! While summer temperatures are reaching sweltering levels outside, you can stay one step ahead of their effect on your energy bill by implementing some simple and efficient solutions inside your home or business.

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