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Do You Dream in Green?


Your environmental improvement ideas can become reality with help from Entergy’s Environmental Initiatives Fund.

Dreams of a better environment can come true. Entergy’s Environmental Initiatives Fund makes $1 million in shareholder contributions available annually to implement ideas for environmental improvements in local communities.

Proposals for projects to be granted a share of the funds in 2018 should be submitted online through the link provided in the Request for Proposals available here. All proposals must be received by midnight Central time, Mar. 31, 2018.

 “Entergy is committed to protecting our environment – in big ways and small,” said Chuck Barlow, Entergy’s vice president of environmental strategy & policy. “Improvement projects we help implement in our local communities through the Environmental Initiatives Fund strengthen our relationships, provide opportunities for volunteerism and deliver the value of a brighter future to our customers, owners, employees and communities.”

To qualify for funding, your proposal should:

  • Lower water usage or prevent or reduce waste
  • Encourage recycling
  • Promote energy efficiency
  • Lower emissions or reduce climate change impacts
  • Decrease fuel consumption or increase efficiency
  • Reduce water effluents or improve water quality
  • Provide for registered greenhouse gas offsets
  • Promote environmental justice educational opportunities

Other concepts which add environmental value to Entergy and its stakeholders may also be proposed.

The company’s environmental strategy & policy team manages the fund, evaluates project proposals, solicits approval from company leaders and awards funding to the best ideas.

Since 2001, EIF has supported wetlands restoration in Louisiana, reforestation in Mississippi and Texas, waterway and wildlife conservation in Arkansas, and a host of volunteer opportunities and other projects you can learn about here

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