Insights > Entergy Continues Grid Modernization Efforts with Distribution Automation

Entergy Continues Grid Modernization Efforts with Distribution Automation


Entergy is building a smarter energy infrastructure by including devices to automate the distribution of power on the lines that feed millions of homes and businesses across its four-state service area. 

The company will expand its communications network and deploy distribution automation-enabled devices to build on its smart metering infrastructure investment. This communication network will support both existing and future distribution devices, totaling approximately 33,000 endpoints across all of Entergy with deployment beginning in 2019. 

The distribution automation initiative will improve grid reliability by giving Entergy the capability to re-route the transmission of power and minimize the number of customers affected when power outages occur. And if outages do occur, having smarter and more accurate information will lead to safe and faster results in restoring power to that specific area.   

Entergy is proactively upgrading and reshaping its energy infrastructure to include the addition of new technologies and smart devices that facilitate safe, multi-directional energy transmission, automate operations, enable remote control usage, increase operational efficiency, improve quality of service, increase grid reliability and resiliency, and provide more options for customers. The expanded communication network will support Entergy’s grid modernization projects like distribution automation as well as give it the ability to communicate with future technologies all from a singular platform.

Entergy is also expanding the functionalities offered to its customers in a manner that gets a better understanding of our customers, increases customer choice for meeting their energy needs, and provides customers with more control and greater access to the benefits of technological innovation. By investing in smarter energy infrastructure, Entergy will have the capability to deliver more advanced functions and a higher level of customer service than ever before. 

Entergy serves 2.9 million customers across Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.