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Entergy Partners with Louisiana Association of United Ways to Sponsor ALICE Report


Do you know a family struggling to make ends meet – despite one or both parents working? Then you know ALICE, which stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed.

According to new research found in the ALICE report for Louisiana released earlier this week and made possible support from Entergy, the Louisiana Association of United Ways confirmed that 48 percent of Louisiana households struggle to afford basic needs, nearly one in three households are low-income, and 19% live in poverty. Most ALICE households have people who are working – sometimes multiple jobs – to make ends meet. And many of them work in the service industries.

Entergy is proud to partner with the Louisiana Association of United Ways to sponsor the ALICE report for Louisiana, because our success is directly tied to the prosperity of the communities we serve.

“Entergy continues its commitment to give back to communities across Louisiana with our support of the United Way ALICE Project,” said Patty Riddlebarger, Entergy’s vice president of corporate social responsibility. “The United Way ALICE Project report has the potential to lead the way to stronger Louisiana communities and greater economic development. We challenge organizations and individuals across the state to dig into the data and find ways to work with and improve the lives of ALICE — thereby improving our state.”

Riddlebarger recently took part in a forum addressing financial hardship in America. She explained the origins of Entergy’s low-income initiatives and described ways that businesses can help attack the root causes of poverty.

“For Entergy, ALICE families matter deeply to our business, as they should for all businesses,” explains Riddlebarger. “When ALICE suffers, we all suffer, from mom-and-pop businesses to Fortune 500 corporations.”

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