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Entergy Texas Hurricane Delta Restoration Update - 10/11/20 @ 8:30 a.m.


Hurricane Delta


October 11, 2020                       8:30 am Update

As of 8:30 a.m. Entergy Texas has 64,358 customers currently without power, which is down from 108,891 at the peak of the storm. The remaining outages are primarily concentrated in the Beaumont, Orange, and Port Arthur areas.  Entergy Texas has restored power to approximately 44,000 customers. Currently, Entergy Texas has over 1,400 resources currently engaged in the restoration effort and plan to bring in hundreds of additional resources to support the restoration effort.

Crews are encountering areas with significant damage across the region. As we work to restore customers, we focus on the cases that allow us to get the most customers back on soonest, and then work our way to the smaller cases. 

Our high voltage transmission line damage assessments are 100 percent complete and assessments indicate minimal transmission damage, which will allow for facilities to be restored much more quickly than in Hurricane Laura. Crews will be repairing portions of our 69KV and 230KV lines to continue support of the dual source ties on our system.

Based on our initial damage assessments, Entergy Texas expects to restore most customers in the Beaumont, Orange and Port Arthur areas by Wednesday, Oct 14. There may be some customers in especially hard-hit areas that will be restored by Friday, Oct 16. 

We have finalized our restoration work in the Winnie, Dayton and Silsbee areas and are relocating those crews to the remaining areas to assist with restoration.

Beaumont Network

As of 8:30am, there are 20,980 customers without power in the Beaumont network which includes China, Fannett, Nome and Sour Lake. There are currently more than 250 additional workers in the area to assist with restoration, and additional resources are expected.

Damage assessments are 70 percent complete and crews have identified:

  • 69 poles down
  • 11 transformers blown
  • 39,000 feet of wire that need replacement

Servicemen continue working and making repairs in:

  • South Beaumont – the Avenues, areas off Washington Blvd, Corley Ave, areas near Lamar University and LIT, South Beaumont near Ozen High Scholl and Odom Academy, and Hillebrandt Rd
  • Central Beaumont – parts of Old Town, Oaks Historic District
  • North Beaumont – off Magnolia Ave, off Helbig Dr, off Bigner Rd
  • West Beaumont – near N Major Dr and Hwy 105, areas near Folsom and Crow Rd, near Gladys Ave and Edson Dr, in the Caldwood area, off Delaware St west of Eastex Freeway, Dowlen West neighborhood
  • Fannett – areas off Hwy 365

Orange Network

As of 8:30am, there are 13,509 customers without power across the Orange, Vidor, Mauriceville and Bridge City areas.  Damage assessments are 45 percent complete. Orange has about 250 total workers, and 20 Scouts.

So far, we have identified the following damage across our Orange network:

  • 6 Transformer damages discovered
  • 23 broken poles
  • 13,250 feet of wire down
  • 15 trees on lines
  • 8 Cross-arms
  • 15 Service secondary wires

Crews will be working in the following areas:

  • Bridge City - Henry St. & Bessie Heights, Bridge City Substation
  • Orangefield - Paulwood area
  • Orange - Cove area, Adams Bayou Substation
  • Pine Forest - Lakeview Area
  • Vidor - Wexford Park area, Parkview area, Quiet Village, Maplecrest

Areas Restored in the Orange network includes:

  • Bridge City - Bessie Heights, Dugas Addition, Ferry Dr. area
  • Orange - Cypress Bayou, Hi Ho, Nottingham, Country Club, Camelot Brownwood, Downtown Orange Area

Port Arthur Network

As of 8:30am, there are 29,772 customers without power in the areas that includes Groves, Nederland, Port Arthur, Port Neches, Sabine Pass & Taylor Landing. Entergy Scouts have completed 85% of the total damage assessments. These assessments have identified:

  • 58 downed poles
  • 8,550 feet of downed wire
  • 12 damaged transformers
  • 51 broken crossarms
  • 21 damaged circuit breakers
  • 11 damaged reclosers
  • 32 downed trees

Approximately 180 workers are assisting in the area’s restoration effort. Additional workers have been deployed and are expected to arrive today and assist in the restoration effort. Crews will be working throughout the area including these locations:

  • Groves – The south side of Groves and the area along Hwy-73
  • Nederland – Area between Hwy 366 & Twin City Hwy, Hill Terrace Area, and along Hwy 365
  • Port Arthur - The area of Hwy 73 & Twin City Hwy, area near Babe Zaharias Golf Course, Lakeshore Dr. area, Stonegate, Lakeview, Downtown and Port Acres.
  • Port Neches – The area between Magnolia St. and the river, including Old Town, Downtown, Windsor area and the Sarah Jane area

Silsbee Network

As of 8:30am, there are 51 customers without power. All customers will be restored today.

100% damage assessment are 100% complete. Crews will be working off 421 Trahan Road in Lumberton.

Winnie Network

As of 8:30am, there are 42 customers without power. All customers will be restored today.

There are 27 workers in the Winnie network restoring power. Assessments are 100% complete. Crews are replacing:

  • 6 broken poles
  • several spans of wire
  • 3 broken cross arms
  • repairing 5 leaning poles.

Crews are working in the Winnie area today at Sabine Ranch, West Palm, Todd Road, Krebs Road and FM 1985 at HWY 124.

Texas Editorial Team