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Entergy Texas Hurricane Delta Restoration Update - 10/12/20 @ 8:30 a.m.


Hurricane Delta


October 12, 2020                        Monday, 8:30 am Update


As of 8:30am, Entergy Texas has 31,914 customers currently without power, which is down from 108,891 at the peak of the storm. The remaining outages are primarily concentrated in the Beaumont, Orange, and Port Arthur areas. Outage by network are Port Arthur:19,798, Beaumont: 8,720, Orange: 3,118. Entergy Texas has restored power to approximately 76,000 customers. Currently, Entergy Texas has over 2,000 resources currently engaged in the restoration effort.

Based on our damage assessments and restoration efforts to date, Entergy Texas expects to restore most customers in the Port Arthur, Beaumont, and Orange areas by Wednesday, Oct 14. There may be some customers in especially hard-hit areas that will be restored by Friday, Oct 16. 

Port Arthur Network

As of 8:30am, there are 19,798 customers without power in the areas that includes Groves, Nederland, Port Arthur, Port Neches, Sabine Pass & Taylor Landing. Scouts have completed 65% of the total damage assessments for the area. Scouting reports have identified significant damage associated with very high winds across the Port Arthur network.  

As crews work, many of the repairs across the Port Arthur network require work at the back of customers’ properties. Crews have to climb poles rather than use bucket trucks or bring in specialized equipment like rear-alley machines to repair damage in customers’ backyards, which can take longer to complete our work.

These assessments have identified:

  • 82 downed poles
  • 17,200 feet of downed wire
  • 12 damaged transformers
  • 114 broken crossarms
  • 14 damaged circuit breakers and 6 damaged reclosers
  • 61 downed trees on lines

There are currently 640 workers involved in the restoration effort. They will continue to restore power to the entire area with special focus on areas that will get the maximum number of customers on, as quickly as possible, including these locations:

  • Groves – Lions Park area, The area near Pure Atlantic Rd and Pinetop, the area along Hwy-73 and Taft, the area between Hogaboom and Monroe.
  • Nederland – Beauxart Gardens, Lakes of Nederland, Area between Nederland Ave. and Helena, between Hwy 366 & Twin City Hwy, and Central Gardens.
  • Port Arthur - Griffing Park, Area along Dequeen Blvd, Lakeshore Dr. area, Lakeview, Roosevelt Park Area, Downtown, Lake Arthur, Houston Ave and Port Acres.
  • Port Neches – The area between Magnolia, Merriman and Port Neches Ave. The Saba Ln and Twin City Hwy area, Ridgewood area and Windsor II area.

Areas that crews are focusing that are expected to be restored today are:

  • Port Acres
  • Southeast Groves
  • Nederland - along Nederland Ave.
  • Sabine Pass - most customers are expected today.
  • Port Neches – along Saba Lane to Windsor and Ridgewood Additions.

Beaumont Network

As of 8:30am, there are 8,720 customers without power in the Beaumont network which includes China, Fannett, Nome and Sour Lake. There are currently 517 workers in the area to assist with restoration.

Damage assessments are 80% complete and crews have identified:

  • 119 poles down
  • 30 transformers blown
  • 65,000 feet of wire that need replacement.

Servicemen continue working and making repairs in:

  • South Beaumont – areas along Washington Blvd, areas near Lamar University, areas near Corley Ave and 4th St, areas near Alice Keith Park, Labelle Rd
  • Central Beaumont – Charlton-Pollard area
  • North Beaumont – between Concord Rd and Magnolia Ave, near Delaware at 11th St.
  • West Beaumont –near Gladys Ave/Edson Dr/N Circuit Dr area, in the Caldwood area, off Delaware St west of Eastex Freeway, near Dowlen Rd at Westgate Dr;
  • Fannett – areas off Hwy 365

Power should be restored by the end of the day today:

  • Fannett, China, Sour Lake
  • Areas near the Austin Innovation Center (old Austin Middle School) off Delaware west of Eastex Freeway
  • Areas near Corley Ave and 4th St

Orange Network

As of 8:30am, there are 3,118 customers without power across the Orange, Vidor, Mauriceville and Bridge City areas.  Damage assessments are 75 percent complete. Orange has 377 total workers.

Damage identified in the Orange network:

  • 10 Transformer damages discovered
  • 36 broken poles
  • 22,250 feet of wire down (89 spans)
  • 47 trees on lines
  • 11 Cross-arms
  • 40 Service secondary wires

Crews will be working in the following areas:

  • Bridge City - Bessie Heights, Bridge City Substation
  • Mauriceville – Hwy 62 area, north of Mauriceville
  • Orangefield - Lawrence Rd. area
  • Orange - Country Club (Greenway & Monterey)
  • Pine Forest – Lakeview Cutoff area
  • Vidor - North of I-10, Hwy 12 area, Main St. north of I-10, Rose City area, N. Vidor
  • West Orange – Western Ave.

Areas planned for Restoration today in the Orange network includes:

  • Orange - Cove area, Country Club area (Greenway & Monterey), Pine Hurst
  • Mauriceville - FM1136
  • Vidor - Rose City
  • Pine Forest – Lakeview Cutoff area
  • Orangefield - Lawrence Rd. area
  • West Orange - Western Ave. area

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