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Helping Louisiana, and businesses, grow


By Ed Jimenez, Director of business and economic development for Entergy Louisiana

Louisiana is leading the way in economic development with unprecedented growth along the Gulf Coast. Our state ranks second nationally in industrial load growth and has attracted more foreign direct investment per capita than any other state since 2008.

Let’s look at why Louisiana is growing and how.

Global companies in agricultural production and chemical and natural gas industries are investing in our state. Their commitment to Louisiana brings jobs and helps local communities grow and thrive.

Businesses move and expand here because of a collection of competitive advantages that include low business operating costs, low-priced natural gas, access to pipelines, extensive inbound and outbound logistics infrastructure, a well-trained workforce and low-cost, reliable electricity. In fact, electric rates in Louisiana are the lowest in the nation.   

Louisiana’s transportation access is second to none. It’s home to the world’s largest port complex, seven commercial service/primary airports, one international airport, six major interstate highways, and six Class 1 railroads. There are more than 90 state certifies sites spanning tens of thousands of acres ready for companies looking to call Louisiana home.

Industrial growth and economic development depend on Entergy Louisiana’s ability to provide reliable and affordable power. We make strategic investments that are designed to do just that.

Two of our biggest investments are the St. Charles and Lake Charles power stations, which are part of our three-year capital investment plan of $4 billion. These highly efficient, clean plants will save customers money while reducing our environmental footprint.

In addition, we are modernizing and strengthening our grid to continue meeting the needs of our growing state.

For example, we recently completed four transmission projects designed to cost-effectively increase the amount of power that can flow into the Baton Rouge industrial corridor. Analyses by MISO and Entergy Louisiana show the benefits of the projects for Louisiana customers are more than six times their cost.

A critical component of our strategic investment plan included the completion of the Lake Charles Transmission project, one of the largest in our company’s history.

When Louisiana looks to recruit new companies to do business in the state, who’s sitting at the table engaged in those discussions? We are. Our team of economic development professionals help companies develop solutions to compete in a global marketplace. They work with state, local and regional partners to help bring new jobs and capital investment to our state.  

The Entergy Louisiana business and economic development team offers comprehensive support and resources that are vital for businesses looking to move or expand in Louisiana. These resources include a site selection website and services, project management, strategic analysis, research, workforce and business intelligence data, access to business and community leaders along with state and regional partnerships. In addition, we work with businesses to help them understand incentives that may be available to them as well as rate information specific to industry. We’re the south’s leading corporate force for economic development and have been named one of the nation’s Top 10 utilities in economic development for 11 consecutive years!

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