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Magnolias and Severe Weather – Spring in the South


Soon, the fragrant smell of magnolia blossoms and other spring flowers will be in the air. While that’s something we look forward to here in the Bayou State, it also comes with the potential for severe weather.

Tornadoes, lightning, high winds, flash flooding, severe thunderstorms and even hail – can occur at any time. Such extreme weather can destroy property, damage trees and bring down power lines. Entergy prepares year-round for these disruptive events.

Feb. 17-23 is Louisiana Severe Weather Preparedness Week. Entergy is prepared, are you? Our employees monitor the weather round-the-clock, and when severe weather threatens, crews mobilize for any possible outage restoration. And before severe weather hits, we encourage all customers to have their own plans in place for all family members, including pets.

First, follow these tips on how to make a plan and a kit. Once you have that put together, make sure you have a few ways you can get any severe weather alerts, such as:

  • Install a smart phone app that will alert you to severe weather in the area or sign up for emergency alerts on your smart phone.
  • Have a weather radio with a loud alarm that will wake you when severe weather threatens at night.

Do you know how to communicate with Entergy once a storm hits? There are a few ways you can report outages or downed power lines:

  • Call 1-800-9OUTAGE (1-800-968-8243).
  • Check the View Outages map on Entergy’s website or app for outage info and, if available, cause and estimated restoration time.
  • Download the free Entergy app to check power at your home or business and to report outages.
  • Visit the Entergy Storm Center for updates and information.
  • Register for myAccount to get outage info on your mobile phone and to send and receive texts.

Entergy works hard to stop outages before they happen, but storms can be powerful and unpredictable. Being prepared is a good way to feel comfortable and safe, especially during severe weather.

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