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A Modern Power Station for a Brighter New Orleans


On July 6, Entergy New Orleans filed a supplemental application with the City Council regarding plans for the New Orleans Power Station.

In this application, we present two options for the City Council to consider – a 128-megawatt unit or the 226-megawatt unit submitted in the original June 2016 filing.

Either unit will deliver significant benefits for our customers by providing the city with a long-term resource capable of supporting reliability in New Orleans, while taking into account ways to reduce environmental impact.

Highlights of both the 128 MW and 226 MW units include:

  • Lower emissions.
  • Minimal groundwater usage.
  • Local generation to assist with grid stability and storm restoration.
  • Reliable source of peaking and reserve capacity with fast-start ability.

We are working to select the best technology that will provide a modern and efficient facility, while meeting Entergy New Orleans' long-term planning needs at the lowest reasonable cost to customers.

As always, our goal is to provide affordable, reliable and clean power to our customers – now and into the future. The proposed New Orleans Power Station fully supports that goal.

Charles Rice
President & CEO, Entergy New Orleans, LLC