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Thank a Lineworker on July 10


On July 10, Entergy, along with the Edison Electric Institute and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, will salute the nation’s more than 74,000 electrical lineworkers by observing National Lineworker Appreciation Day.

Our lineworkers help maintain our power lines, routinely working in the harshest of conditions and 50-plus feet in the air to help keep our homes, businesses and communities powered each day. These devoted employees face challenging situations on a daily basis that require technical expertise, intense focus and thorough safety measures.

Hear from some of our dedicated lineworkers:

Ricky Whitaker – 15 years of service

“Line work is more than a profession — it’s a way of life. It’s extremely gratifying to see and hear customers’ appreciation after my co-workers and I work long hours to restore power and bring a sense of normalcy back to our communities following severe weather — we truly enjoy what we do.”  

Terry Bradley – 38 years of service

“I love being a lineman because of the pride and camaraderie that comes with the trade. We truly are a brotherhood. And even when disasters strike, our customers’ faces light up when we come rolling in. The joy and appreciation they show makes all the hard work and long hours worth every minute of it.”

Jared Norsworthy – 15 years of service

“Most people are tickled to death when we drive up, whether we’re installing or restoring service. They know when they see our trucks that they’ll be able to turn their lights on. It’s a good feeling to know we’re helping people that way.”

Earl Phillips – 12 years of service

“Customer satisfaction is a big part of a lineman’s job, and we serve a wide range of customers. It’s rewarding to restore or provide power for someone in need and know that customer is happy.”

Matt Womack – 12 years of service

“Lineman is a title that’s earned, not given. Our work is dangerous, and we often spend time away from our families so customers can have power. I’m most proud to be a lineman when I’m helping a customer. Afterwards, I know I worked safely and helped someone else by doing my best on the job.”

Clint Ard – 13 years of service

“I like the challenges that come along with line work and being part of a team to accomplish our goals. It’s a great feeling when we can restore power to our customers.”

Wayne Kamm – 15 years of service

“Line work isn’t easy. You work long hours many times in inclement weather and miss important family events. But the reward is great. It’s so satisfying to get the lights back on for customers so they can go about their lives, and it’s also satisfying to train the younger linemen who are just starting out in their careers.”

Kevin Robinson – 36 years of service

“The most rewarding part of being a lineman is the ability to restore power to customers in their time of need. No matter if it’s a major storm or local restoration, I am happy to provide that service to them.”

Bunrith Heng -  11 years of service

What I feel is most rewarding about being a lineman is getting the customer’s lights back on, even if it takes working late.”

Be sure to take time to #ThankALineworker for their continuous commitments to keep our electric grid maintained and working efficiently.