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Upgrades Coming to Bolivar


At Entergy Texas, it is our goal to deliver safe and reliable power so you can keep your life moving. From installing new technology to prevent outages before they occur to replacing aging equipment with newer, more efficient equipment, we are taking steps so our customers can continue to rely on us.

To meet the growing electric demand on Bolivar Peninsula and modernize the equipment serving the area, Entergy Texas has built the new High Island Substation that will soon serve the area. For crews to complete the reliability work safely, customers on Bolivar will experience an outage on Monday, May 17, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Substations play an essential role in safely delivering power to homes and businesses by managing the voltage of electricity. They take the large amounts of electricity delivered via transmission lines and ensure that power is “stepped-down” to a safe level to then be delivered directly to customers. When an area grows and therefore needs more power, substations and the lines that serve them need to be upgraded to handle the increase in demand.

Once fully energized, the new High Island Substation will almost double the amount of electric service and improve reliability for residents and businesses on Bolivar Peninsula.

Crews have been working since March of 2020 to construct the new High Island Substation and upgrade the existing transmission lines to handle the increased capacity. While most of the work has been done without power interruptions to customers, crews will need to de-energize the existing Himex Substation while they complete work to safely transfer service over to the new High Island Substation.

“We understand that any time without power is inconvenient, and we make every attempt to limit customer interruptions,” said Ron Fletcher, Entergy Texas customer service manager. “We appreciate the patience and understanding of our customers as our crews safely work to implement reliability improvements to serve you better.”

Entergy Texas is making every effort to notify impacted customers via mail, phone, email and text notification for those who have signed up to receive them. Customers are encouraged to log in to myEntergy, to ensure their contact information is updated. If customers have trouble registering for myEntergy, click here for more information. They can also download Entergy’s new app to check their bill, manage payments, review their energy usage, report an outage, and more.

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