Insights > Waterford 3 Supports STEM Fair at St. Charles Parish Library

Waterford 3 Supports STEM Fair at St. Charles Parish Library


To celebrate Nuclear Science Week, Entergy’s Waterford 3 Steam Electric Station partnered with the St. Charles Parish Library to host a STEM Fair in October for children of all ages. The three-hour event hosted at the St. Charles Parish Library’s main campus drew over 350 local residents.

The fair used fun and engaging activities to promote STEM pathways outside of the classroom. Professionals from Waterford 3 and other industries demonstrated practical applications of STEM skills beyond textbooks and math equations.

Entergy’s Waterford 3 volunteers brought interactive crafts and activities that challenged students to use engineering skills to create catapults out of Popsicle sticks and sound structures out of uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows. Representatives from the plant’s radiation protection department showed attendees how to detect radiation using a Geiger monitor, and several children dressed out in personal protective suits.

STEM education can start at any age, and Waterford 3 is proud to promote that interest among local students!