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Night Time is the Right Time for Security Lighting


Mara Hartmann

JACKSON, Mississippi– Mississippians joined most of the rest of the country by setting their clocks back one hour on Nov. 6, marking the end of daylight savings time. With shorter days and longer nights, now is the time to consider outdoor security lighting, an economic and effective crime-prevention tool.

   Entergy Mississippi can help customers light up their homes and businesses and increase safety and security with private-area lighting options that are cost-effective and hassle-free.

   “Properly lighting your home or business takes the cover of darkness away from lawbreakers and is an important step in crime-prevention efforts,” said Pat Waters, director of sales growth and services for Entergy’s lighting business.

   According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, security lighting is the single most effective crime deterrent. It enhances natural surveillance, delineates private and public spaces, can help direct access and increases safety.

   “Many of our security lighting customers tell us that, along with feeling safer, they appreciate the easy installation process and the worry-free maintenance that comes with our service,” said Mark Donahoe, Entergy Mississippi lighting sales representative.

   Customers can place an order by calling 1-866-601-0192 or via a secure link at An Entergy representative will contact them quickly, and a lighting expert will help them determine the product that best suits their needs.

   Security lights are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and wattages for home and business use. Customers are charged a set monthly fee for the lights, with the cost conveniently added to existing bills. The charges vary depending on the light’s wattage. Whether the light is installed on an existing pole or a new pole is needed, Entergy will work with customers to determine the most cost-effective option. In some areas, installation is free. In addition, there is no fee for regular maintenance, which includes bulb replacement. If a storm—like a hurricane or tornado—destroys the light and pole, they will be replaced at no cost to the customer.

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