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Severe Weather Continues Moving Across Territory, Restoration is Underway


As predicted, severe weather continues pushing to the east today through the Entergy service territory. The storms have caused and continue causing a significant number of outages for our customers. Our restoration workers have made great progress restoring service to customers affected by the recent severe weather. Significant damage in some areas will extend restoration in some areas.

We have restored nearly 80,000 customer outages after the severe weather caused a peak of nearly 134,000 outages today. At 4:30 p.m., a total of 54,500 customers were without power, including approximately:

  • Arkansas – 17,200
  • Louisiana – 6,000
  • Mississippi – 27,500
  • Texas – 3,800

Customers in every state Entergy serves experienced outages due to this weather.

  • In Texas, most customer outages will be restored today. A small number of customers in harder hit areas will be restored tomorrow.
  • In Arkansas, damage assessment and restoration continue. Harder hit areas should be restored by Tuesday. Damage to our transmission may cause outages for some customers to last longer.
  • In Louisiana, damage assessment should be completed later today. Most customers will be restored by tonight, with pockets of customers with significant damage being restored by Sunday or Monday.
  • The Delta region of Mississippi was especially hard hit, with significant damage occurring to our transmission system. Most customer outages in the central and southwest areas of Mississippi should be restored by tonight or midday tomorrow. Restoration in the Delta region will be delayed and we will supply estimated times of restoration as soon as possible.

Customers can check our View Outages online outage map or sign up for text messages to receive more specific information about their outage.


The safety of our workers and customers remains our key value, especially during power outages and severe weather conditions. Restoration begins when it is safe. Gusty winds have continued, and sustained winds must be less than 30 mph to use our bucket trucks.

The greatest danger during and after a storm like this is from downed power lines. If anyone sees a power line on the ground or in the trees or bushes—do not go near it! Call us at 800-9OUTAGE (800-968-8243).

Stay away from standing water and debris from trees and other vegetation. It may be electrically charged from underground or downed power lines.

Another danger comes from customers who improperly connect a generator to their home. A registered electrician needs to connect it to your home to prevent damage to your home’s electrical system or death or injury to our linemen.

Restoration is Underway

We continue restoring service where it is safe to do so. Power is restored faster in areas with less damage. Some of the hardest-hit areas may take longer.

Service lines to individual homes and businesses will be restored last because fewer customers are involved. In the case of fewer outages spread over larger areas, it often takes more time to get power back on for them.

As we restore service in your area, keep in mind that if you don’t see us working near you, we may be working on another part of the electrical system that you can’t see but must be repaired to get power to you.

What Can You Do?

Please do not approach utility workers at the job site because these can be dangerous locations. Interruptions will slow their progress.

You can make sure your home or business is ready for us to restore your power.

Check outside your home or business for damage to your electrical equipment.

If the meter or any of the piping and wires on the outside wall of your home or business is missing or looks damaged, call an electrician to make repairs.

If your home or business has been flooded, you will need to contact the city or county where you live or work for an electrical inspection before service can be restored.

You can expect regular updates from us through the many available communications channels. As restoration progresses, here is how you can get information from us.

Corporate Editorial Team