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Thanks for Your Support During the Easter Sunday Storm Recovery


Except for a handful of especially difficult remaining repairs, which should be completed today, we have restored power to all of the 128,000 customers who lost power in the Easter Sunday storms. We want to thank each and every customer for bearing with us through this long and arduous process. Many patiently and quietly waited for power to return. Many made a special effort to express appreciation to our dedicated workers, either in person, by making roadside thank-you signs, by sharing gratitude and support on Facebook and Twitter, or by reaching out through other means.

We understand this has been a very difficult and trying week for our customers who lost power. Many of you are working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic. Some of you lost food you could ill-afford to replace. Some are elderly or have elderly parents who are especially dependent on electricity. We understand. By the time we close the books on this one, the 3,308 workers in the field will have replaced 1,375 broken poles, along with all the electrical components that go with them, and re-strung hundreds of miles of wire, all while social distancing to avoid contracting and spreading the coronavirus.

This was the worst storm damage we’ve dealt with in 20 years, and we hope it’s another 20 years before one of that magnitude happens again. But we want you to know that if another storm hits our state today (as called for in the forecast, unfortunately), tomorrow or next month, we’re ready for it. We always hope for the best, but we plan for the worst.

Thank you again for your understanding and support, and thank you for being an Entergy Arkansas customer.


Laura Landreaux

Entergy Arkansas President and CEO

Laura Landreaux
President and CEO, Entergy Arkansas