Debi Derrick

Progress Made to Mitigate Soil Slides at Lewis Creek Reservoir


The Woodlands, Texas -- Workers made good progress yesterday and last night to mitigate the soil slides along the Lewis Creek Reservoir levee. Efforts continue in advance of expected heavy rains.

"Our focus is on protecting life and property," said Pete Norgeot, vice president, fossil generation, "which we are accomplishing through our work to make repairs to the levee and lower the water level of the reservoir."

The dam remains intact and there are no breaches. The work plan for today is to continue soil stabilization efforts, installing berms and protective covering to minimize further slide movement. Also underway is the construction of a matted road for trucks to bring in limestone material needed to help mitigation efforts.

"Our workers continue on schedule to shore up the levee today before the expected heavy rains start," said Norgeot.

Entergy continues to work closely with local emergency management officials to ensure the safety of nearby residents and businesses.

Our customer information center is open until 3 p.m. today, and tomorrow from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the Montgomery County Community Center at 600 Gerald St. in Willis. Residents can speak to an Entergy representative about the situation. For general information, call the United Way 211 call center or 713-957-4357, and choose the "General Information" option.

The Lewis Creek Plant continues to operate normally and we are able to meet the power supply needs of our customers. We expect no power supply issues if the plant goes offline.

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