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Entergy Mississippi Storm Recovery in Final Stretch


Crews restore power in Madison County.
Crews restore power in Madison County.
Crews restore power in Madison County.
Crews restore power in Madison County.

As of 6 p.m., Entergy Mississippi has restored power to more than 12,600 customers affected by storms that struck our service area on Wednesday and Thursday. About 2,926 customers remain without power, down from a peak of 15,560.

At this point in the restoration process, we have identified 137 broken poles, 230 spans of downed lines and 62 damaged crossarms. Our crews are focused on safely restoring power, and we have brought in nearly 350 additional workers to assist with restoration efforts. Extensive damage also required us to bring in track equipment to access off-road facilities.

We expect most customers who can safely take power will be restored tonight, though about 900 customers will carry over to tomorrow. The majority of those cases are in Madison County, the hardest-hit area, and we expect all customers to be restored by 6 p.m. Friday. Customers can check View Outages for the latest outage numbers and estimated restoration times in their area.  

Above, an aerial view of storm damage in Madison County.

The safety of our workers and customers remains our key goal. As we continue to restore service, please remember:

  • Power is restored faster in areas with less damage. Some of the hardest-hit areas may take longer.
  • Service lines to individual homes and businesses will be restored last because fewer customers are involved. In the case of fewer outages spread over larger areas, it often takes more time to get power back on for them.
  • As we restore service in your area, keep in mind that if you don’t see us working near you, we may be working on another part of the electrical system that you can’t see but must be repaired to get power to you.
  • Please do not approach utility workers at the job site because these can be dangerous locations. Interruptions will slow their progress.

 Thank you for your patience and support during our restoration efforts.

Leyla Goodsell
Senior Communications Specialist