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5 ways to save this summer


When the fun in the sun gets too hot, it's time to cool off indoors. Use these five tips to take a refreshing break from the sun without breaking the bank.

  1. Have your air conditioner inspected. Annual air conditioner maintenance can make sure your unit is operating at peak efficiency and help to avoid breakdowns during the hot summer months.

  2. Weatherize your home. Make sure your home is properly insulated and air-sealed to keep it cooler longer.

  3. Adjust the thermostat. Adjusting the thermostat when you're not inside can make a big difference in the cost of air conditioning while still keeping your home comfortable.

  4. Use window treatments. Closing thermal curtains when direct sun is hitting the window can block heat and keep your home cooler.

  5. Flip on the ceiling fan. Flipping on the ceiling fan when you're in a room makes you feel up to four degrees cooler without having to crank the air conditioning. Just be sure to turn off the fan when you leave the room.

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