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Energy Smart pays to save


This summer, Entergy New Orleans’ residential customers can earn extra cash for participating in innovative energy-saving programs offered by Energy Smart. Discover how to take advantage of these exciting opportunities.

 Peak Time Rebate

Customers enrolled in the Entergy New Orleans’ Energy Smart Peak Time Rebate program will receive an email notification to reduce energy use during short periods of high electricity usage, also known as peak demand events and, in return, can earn up to $50 cash incentives based on participation. Enrollment in the Peak Time Rebate program is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Enroll today to help save electricity and earn cash rewards. 


Customers who own or purchase a smart thermostat can earn incentives of up to $50 their first year by enrolling qualifying smart thermostats in the Energy Smart EasyCool program and can earn a $25 incentive each additional year of participation. Visit EasyCool Smart Thermostats | Energy Smart NOLA for more information.

Appliance Recycling

Energy Smart’s Appliance Recycling program pays customers who are looking to get rid of an old refrigerator or freezer. This offer pays customers $50 and provides free in-home pickup and recycling of working refrigerators and freezers. Schedule your no-cost pickup today.

 To learn more about Energy Smart and the other energy-saving opportunities, visit, email or call 504-229-6868.