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Entergy Electric Technology Program Earns Innovation Award


A new Entergy program that helps customers save money while reducing their impact on the environment recently earned an award for innovation.

eTech, the company’s electrification rebate program, was awarded Most Innovative Incentive Program by Louisiana Clean Fuels, a U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities Coalition.

Through the program, dedicated field representatives like Scott Barrios, electric technology account manager for eTech in Louisiana, meet with Entergy customers who may be interested in purchasing electric-powered alternatives to many applications that traditionally require fossil fuels.

“We provide customers financial incentives for purchasing select electric equipment, but more importantly, we provide them with information so that they can make a well-informed choice about the benefits of using electric equipment over an internal combustion or fossil fuel burning engine,” Barrios said.

He added, “We’re not selling a product — we’re just selling the idea.”

The benefits of electrification for companies, Barrios said, can include

  • Reducing their environmental footprint by lowering emissions
  • Decreasing their long-term operational costs through lower fuel consumption and less maintenance
  • Maintaining a safe and efficient workplace by decreasing noise and optimizing the layout of facilities

eTech derived from a southwest Louisiana agricultural project where farmers converted large diesel irrigation pumps — used for transferring water at crawfish ponds — to electric ones.

“The customer was satisfied because their costs and environmental impact was going to decrease. Meanwhile, our electric sales increased. It’s a win-win,’” Barrios said. “I love this program. It’s a way we as a utility can help our customers meet their sustainability goals which, ultimately, are our sustainability goals.”

He added, “We’re at the groundbreaking of what will be the way of the future.”

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David Freese
Senior Communications Specialist