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Entergy Louisiana working to provide affordable streetlighting service


At Entergy Louisiana, we’re committed to providing safe, reliable and efficient lighting solutions to our communities. We work closely with customers who desire additional illumination to add fixtures and/or proactively upgrade existing streetlighting infrastructure with more modern technology, including the incorporation of LED fixtures.

These fixtures offer numerous benefits, including brighter lighting, improved energy efficiency and a longer lifespan. And with so much focus on this new technology in the lighting industry, certain older-style bulbs and fixtures are no longer being manufactured, making it challenging to replace damaged or broken lights with the same equipment in all scenarios.

When an older technology bulb or fixture cannot be replaced in kind, we’ll provide our customers with an available LED lighting replacement. These new LED fixtures are currently more expensive than traditional, older technology fixtures, and we understand that some customers may have concerns regarding potential bill increases associated with these upgrades. As a precautionary measure and at the request of our regulator, the Louisiana Public Service Commission, we have recently sent out letters to inform customers of potential impacts. It’s important to note that lighting typically makes up a very small component of a customer’s bill, and while the installation of an LED fixture may result in some adjustment to lighting costs, most customers who receive an upgraded fixture will not see a significant change on their utility bill.

We recognize that streetlight and private area light ownership and rates can vary based on location and existing infrastructure. To mitigate any potential increases in utility bills, we are actively working to minimize customer costs associated with the transition to LED technology. We have submitted a proposal to the Louisiana Public Service Commission aimed at reducing or eliminating the impact on customer bills, and this proposal is currently pending approval.

For residential customers who are paying Entergy Louisiana directly for streetlighting services, the charges are listed as an individual line item on monthly bills and would not be adjusted unless all neighborhood streetlights are upgraded. Additionally, we have provided an interactive online map at for reporting any outages or issues with streetlights.

We appreciate our customers’ patience and understanding as we strive to ensure the safety and security of our communities while maintaining affordable services.

Louisiana Editorial Team