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Entergy Mississippi Employee Saves Life with Heimlich Maneuver


After starting their day before sunrise and working eight hours, Entergy Mississippi linemen Dan Sund and Jude Miller and trainee Christian Sullivan finally had a chance to grab lunch after responding to an outage. While finishing their meal, a gentleman at a nearby table started choking. A restaurant employee attempted to assist him, but he quit breathing. That’s when Sund stepped in.

Using the Heimlich maneuver training he received from Entergy, Sund quickly dislodged the food, and the man started breathing again. Sund waited with the man until the fire department arrived, then returned to work to finish his day.

“I did what the training taught me,” Sund said. “It was the first time I have ever used the Heimlich, and hopefully it will be the last. It feels good to save a life. I felt like I was meant to be there at that exact time.”

For his efforts, Sund received the President’s Life Saving Award. Entergy Mississippi President and CEO Haley Fisackerly presented the award to Sund at the September Health and Safety Advisory Board meeting.

“A lot of people would panic and wouldn’t know what to do,” Fisackerly said. “But not only did Dan know what to do, he did it. He probably saved someone’s life. That action made an impact on not only that restaurant customer but also everyone in his life. It shows the commitment that Dan made to living safe, and it exemplifies our safety culture.”

Julia Comfort
Communications Specialist