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Entergy Mississippi is focused on reliability


Our customers depend on our reliable service. They want to know that every time that light switch is flipped, a room will be lit. We’re proving our commitment to reliability by modernizing our grid.

Over the past 5 years, we've invested around $162 million annually into strengthening and expanding our distribution system across our service area. Our reliability programs help us make the greatest performance improvements across the grid, while keeping customer cost a priority.


One of our common reliability programs is the FOCUS program – which stands for find, observe, collect, understand, and succeed. We find around 400 feeders and devices each quarter and observe their outage patterns over a period of time. We collect that data and consider the number of customers impacted. To understand the effectiveness of this program, we compare the number of device outages and customer interruptions before and after the project work has been completed. This process is how we succeed.


By the end of 2023, we're projected to spend more than $9.5 million on nearly 70 FOCUS program projects across our service area – significantly increasing reliability for around 12,000 urban, rural, residential, and commercial customers.


While these upgrades target specific line sections, we are continually modernizing our distribution grid by redesigning infrastructure, adding new technologies, managing vegetation, and increasing operational efficiency for customers all over our 45-county service area.


Our focus on reliability is how we power life.

Candace Coleman
Senior Communications Specialist, Entergy Mississippi