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Entergy Mississippi Statement Regarding City of Clinton Complaint


Entergy Mississippi has been charging the correct lighting rates that are authorized by state law.  Under the Public Service Commission’s oversight of Entergy Mississippi’s rates and revenue collections, Entergy would not benefit from artificially inflating its lighting rates. 

The Company provides street lighting facilities as a service to municipalities, and the intent of this service is to allow the municipalities to provide street lighting to its citizens at a lower cost than the municipality could provide on its own, which saves taxpayers money.  The lighting service includes installation, maintenance and replacement of lighting facilities, and purchase and storing of inventory, among other services.

In 2015, our municipal street lighting rates were lowered significantly due to rate design changes requested by Entergy Mississippi and approved by the Public Service Commission.

We believe we have been a good corporate citizen and partner to the City of Clinton, through the payment of more than $2 million in franchise fees alone over the past five years, donations to local community causes and help with economic development. We have been working with the City of Clinton to address its concerns, and we’re disappointed the City chose to file this complaint rather than to work with us on a potential resolution. 

If the City’s complaint recommendations are adopted, it will actually raise rates for all of our customers.

From 2008 to 2018, our rates have stayed well below the state and U.S. averages. Currently, our average residential rates are about 24% below the U.S. average.

Mississippi Editorial Team