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Entergy New Orleans Completes Reliability Project in Orleans Parish


Entergy New Orleans’ customers are now being served by a stronger, more resilient electrical grid.

On Saturday, May 16, Entergy crews and contractors transported a large transformer from Chalmette, LA to Entergy’s Tricou Substation in New Orleans to add a level of redundancy and help reduce future power interruptions to service.  The addition of a second transformer to the Tricou substation will help ensure New Orleans has an abundant supply of reliable energy to power their homes and businesses and support the city’s economic growth. 

The 100 ton transformer was lifted into place on a flatbed truck and taken on a nearly three-mile journey to its new home. The four-hour transport was coordinated by a cross functional team from transmission, distribution, contractors with H. Brown Trucking and our customer service team. Along the transport route, crews lifted wires for the transformer to pass through residential streets and with careful planning and execution, no customer interruptions were taken during the length of the transport.

“At Entergy New Orleans, we are  committed to taking strategic and proactive steps to help ensure that our customers have the power to light their homes, keep it cool in the summer and heated it in the winter, no matter what storm we face,” said David Ellis, Entergy New Orleans president and CEO. “This project is one of the many ways we are working to upgrade our transmission and distribution system with a focus on expansion, efficiency, storm resiliency and reliability.”


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