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Entergy reaches major grid advancement milestone


A major milestone has been achieved for Entergy’s grid modernization initiative. On Dec. 31, 2021, Entergy completed its initial phase of upgrading more than 3 million electric meters for customers’ homes and businesses. Significant progress has also been made with less than 4,000 advanced meter upgrades remaining for gas services.

Installing advanced meters and the supporting communications network is one of several investments we have made to build a smarter, more resilient grid for everyone. Other enhancements include, the new and improved customer engagement portal, advanced software known as the Advance Distribution Management System used to visualize and control the distribution grid, the addition of new smart devices that can communicate with each other, and the ADMS system to coordinate and implement changes when an event occurs.

“Over the last few years, Entergy has significantly modernized the grid, most recently completing three million new meter installations across our four-state service area,” said Dale Claudel, Entergy’s vice president of grid modernization and strategy. “These new technologies bring real benefits to our customers, like putting more control in their hands to better manage their energy usage. It also gives us clearer insight to the power grid and how it is operating, ultimately creating a smarter energy future for our customers and communities.”

Advanced meters work together with other smart grid technology to identify power outages more accurately and automatically isolate them, which reduces outage times for our customers.

“These upgrades also lay the foundation for newer technologies and customer solutions, including distributed energy resources and energy storage,” Claudel said. “For example, solar panels combined with battery storage can play a key role in grid resiliency and flexibility in the near future. Our team is refining ways to integrate advanced energy technologies into the power grid and provide clean energy solutions for our customers.”

Be in control with myAdvisor

Advanced meters provide customers with many benefits, including online energy management tools to help you better manage your energy usage and potentially save money on monthly energy bills.

After logging into your myEntergy account online, the customizable myAdvisor dashboard provides an overview of your account and personalized information:

  • Usage and Cost: Compare energy usage and costs by month, day, hour and even 15-minute intervals for electric customers and one-hour intervals for gas customers. Also, see impacts of the weather, temperature and rainfall and view estimates of how energy is being consumed.
  • Bill History: View past bills, including a breakdown of energy charges and fees to see how they change from month to month.
  • Bill Projection: Get an estimate of what an upcoming bill may be, based on usage remaining similar over billing cycle.
  • Bill Analyzer: Compare bills to the previous month and year, to understand impacts that may have been caused by the number of billing days, energy usage, fuel costs and weather.
  • Home Assessment: Make these energy-saving tools more personalized to your home, including predicted savings and customized goals.
  • Savings Plan: Create a plan to help track savings and receive customized recommend actions to help meet savings goals.
  • Proactive Alerts: Set alerts to be notified by email or text for notifications set to your frequency preferences for the following:
    • Usage has surpassed threshold amount set.
    • Cost has surpassed threshold amount set.
    • Status of usage and cost based on goals set.
  • Bill Projection: All registered myEntergy customers with an advanced meter can receive a notice of their estimated monthly bill during the billing cycle.

Customers can access these tools through or Entergy’s mobile app.

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