Insights > Entergy’s commitment to reliable electric service shines: A year of improvement across Louisiana

Entergy’s commitment to reliable electric service shines: A year of improvement across Louisiana


Company achieves 22% statewide improvement in electric service reliability

Recent data shows Entergy’s work to prevent power outages from occurring is on an upward trajectory across its service territory in Louisiana, with the company achieving a remarkable 22% statewide improvement in electric service reliability from 2022 to 2023.

This significant leap forward, measured by data that includes how often the average customer experiences an interruption outside of major weather events, shows Entergy's multifaceted approach to operating, maintaining, strengthening and upgrading the electric system is working.

More specifically, the percentages were calculated using Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standards that measure SAIFI, or the average number of interruptions customers experience. While widely used throughout the utility industry, data produced using IEEE Standard 1366 is different from the data reported to Entergy’s regulators, the New Orleans City Council and Louisiana Public Service Commission, which is produced using specific requirements that vary across jurisdictions. And while different, the year-over-year data provided to those entities improved as well.

While progress is statewide, there are metropolitan milestones

Looking at SAIFI numbers by region shows the metropolitans served by Entergy in Louisiana saw significant year-over-year improvement, with the Bayou, Greater New Orleans, Greater Baton Rouge, Greater Monroe and Greater Lake Charles regions seeing improvements up to 20%.

Empowering local operations

"At Entergy, we've not only focused on getting the basics right but also on being innovative and incredibly strategic about where investments and improvements are made," said Steven Benyard, vice president of reliability for Entergy in Louisiana. "Our dedicated group of operations employees and contractors work tirelessly to meet customer expectations and are always committed to providing a service they can depend on."

At the heart of this transformative journey lies Entergy’s steadfast operations teams, tirelessly working to fortify the reliability of electric service. Through meticulous inspections, proactive vegetation management, infrastructure reinforcements and the strategic deployment of advanced protective measures, these dedicated professionals ensure the uninterrupted flow of power to homes and businesses alike. To learn more about how this has unfolded recently in the Baton Rouge area, visit the Building Resilience into Baton Rouge page on our newsroom.

Sustaining momentum amidst challenges

While celebrating the strides made in bolstering electric service reliability, Entergy understands the evolving challenges posed by intensifying weather events. As storms grow in frequency and ferocity, the imperative to fortify the grid becomes even more pressing.

Looking ahead, Entergy remains steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding the communities it serves and bolstering local economies against future storms. Central to this vision is Entergy New Orleans ongoing reliability projects and Entergy Louisiana’s comprehensive resilience plan.

A bright future beckons

As Entergy strides forward into the future in Louisiana, the promise of a brighter, more resilient tomorrow beckons. To explore the myriad ways in which the company is shaping a brighter future for all, visit the Bright Future page.

David Freese
Senior Communications Specialist