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Feeder Investments Improve Grid Reliability


At Entergy, we’re committed to safely providing reliable service to the communities we serve. Our reliability strategy aims to optimize the balance between corrective maintenance, infrastructure work and planned projects that maximize benefits for our customers.

Beginning this year, we took a new approach to upgrading our feeders, which are the main distribution lines used to transmit electricity to customer homes or businesses. By coordinating projects across our system on a more holistic basis, we’re able to focus on achieving sustainable reliability gains through these investments. This means preventing future outages, reducing the number of customers affected should an outage occur and improving the dependability of our service to our customers.

Feeders to be worked in 2021 were selected based on their historical outage performance and expected benefits, targeting areas to eliminate frequent or extensive power outages.

The type of work being done on these feeders may include: 

  • Strengthening or upgrading the associated poles to increase resiliency.
  • Updating older, poor performing wires to reduce conductor failure. 
  • Adding smart devices, as part of our distribution automation initiative, to reduce the number of impacted customers should a fault occur.
  • Splitting long feeders with high customer counts and adding in redundancies to reduce the impacts of outages. 

We’ll send more information to customers affected by these ongoing reliability projects, notifying when projects are being worked in a given area and updating our outage map to show where reliability work is underway.

Check out for more information and updates on Entergy’s reliability projects.

Elizabeth Rooney
Senior Communications Specialist