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Heading to the Lake? Have Fun, But Be Safe!


Watch for obstacles in the water and wear your life jacket.
Watch for obstacles in the water and wear your life jacket.

Fourth of July is a great time to get out and enjoy the lake, but Entergy Arkansas advises the public to be extra cautious throughout the holiday weekend. After heavy rains, it is common for there to be an increased amount of floating debris, including logs, brush, decaying boat docks and trash. Recent heavy rains have washed a substantial amount of debris into the lakes, so we advise boaters to watch for hazards. Those not familiar with the area should be extra-cautious when boating or swimming in the lakes.

Entergy Arkansas cares about your safety. Besides looking out for storm debris, follow some basic water safety tips from Entergy’s website:

Whether you’re on an Entergy lake or water anywhere else, please keep these safety tips in mind:


  • Obey all boating laws.
  • Reduce your boat’s speed in congested areas.
  • Hypothermia Kills - Dress properly and always wear a life jacket.
  • Beware of shallow areas, underwater obstructions and floating debris when boating.
  • Exercise extreme caution when operating sailboats in the vicinity of overhead utility lines.
  • Obey the Rules of the Road when boating.
  • Alcohol mixed with boating can be lethal.
  • Children 12 years & younger must wear a US Coast Guard-approved Life Jacket.
  • State law requires you to slow down to 5-mph when within 100 feet of all docks, swimmers, bridges and anchored boats. Turn on your navigational lights at night.
  • Water levels above and below the dams are subject to fluctuations without warning; obey all warning signs and sirens.


  • Skiing is dangerous for non-swimmers.
  • Always wear an approved life jacket.
  • Stay in open water and watch for swimmers.
  • Always have an observer on board.
  • Swimming
  • Check the water depth before you dive.
  • Swim with others - not by yourself.
  • Avoid the regular boat channels, launching ramps and docks.
  • Swim, dive and wade where you are familiar with the water depth & the bottom. 
  • Life jackets, they float -- you don’t.
  • Watch Children closely.
  • Know your abilities because water distances are deceiving.
  • Never rely on toys such as inner tubes and water wings to stay afloat.


David Lewis
Senior Communications Specialist