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Hire Mississippi: Working to Provide Opportunities for Growth


“A rising tide lifts all boats”— slogan often quoted by President John F. Kennedy

As a regulated utility, Entergy Mississippi has an obligation to provide safe, reliable and affordable electricity to our 447,000 customers.

But we also have a commitment that goes beyond that obligation. It is to help ensure that the communities we serve—and in which our employees and retirees live—are successful.

For instance, it is in the best interest of our company, our customers and our communities to create jobs and promote economic development. A new rule approved by the Mississippi Public Service Commission helps us do just that.

‘Hire Mississippi’

The ‘Hire Mississippi’ rule is intended to increase awareness among Mississippi companies who are qualified to provide services to utilities of potential business opportunities. The rule requires utilities to keep a list of Mississippi contractors and suppliers who are interested in doing business with the utilities and to notify these contractors and suppliers of these opportunities. The goal is simple: to put more Mississippians to work.

We Agree

We already do the following:

  • Host an annual Mississippi Business Connection Forum
  • Host hands-on supplier training in Entergy’s computer lab
  • Host smaller training sessions aimed at Mississippi businesses
  • Publish twice-yearly ads in The Clarion-Ledger soliciting potential Mississippi-based contractors to add to our list

…And We Are Going to Do More

We are increasing our efforts to include:

  • not only maintaining a database of qualified resident contractors, but growing that list to include all Mississippi suppliers and contractors who express interest so they can be notified of trainings and provided with information to help them meet qualifications;
  • providing notice to qualifying contractors of Requests For Proposals;
  • providing our Hire Mississippi list to our prime contractors for consideration when selecting subcontractors;
  • expanding the coverage area of our newspaper advertising soliciting potential Mississippi-based contractors so that our ads reach potential contractors across the entire state and
  • re-designing our published notice to attract more attention from readers and let them know the benefits of adding their businesses to Entergy’s Hire Mississippi list.

We believe the new rule will lead to more Mississippi contractors becoming aware of opportunities and becoming qualified to work with Entergy. We also believe the number of Mississippi contractors used by Entergy and/or our prime contractors will increase, thereby increasing the amount of money paid to in-state businesses.

If you are a Mississippi supplier or contractor who performs work related to construction extension and/or repair of electric facilities and would like to learn about training and bid opportunities, visit  or call 844-387-9675.

Haley Fisackerly
President and CEO, Entergy Mississippi