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Keep the Spark Alive in Your Mobile Phone


Are you in a relationship with your mobile phone? In our hyper-connected world, being without a functioning phone can make us feel lost. If your phone is a constant companion, here are some quick tips to avoid drifting apart.

  • Conserve your phone’s power by switching to battery-saver mode, which disables automatic updates and notifications.
  • Save energy by reducing your phone's display brightness and turning off the auto-brightness feature.
  • Turn off WiFi if you're on the road and away from a WiFi network.
  • Avoid using power-hungry apps unless they’re totally necessary. And be sure to fully close out apps when you’re finished using them.
  • Minimize streaming video, shooting video and taking pictures to reduce power usage.
  • Keep a portable phone charger in your home and/or in your vehicle. Consider purchasing a back-up power supply as well. That way, you can stay connected even during an extended power outage.

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