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Keep your cool this summer with an A/C tune-up


Warmer temperatures in Louisiana mean two things – cool treats and air conditioning. While the debate may never be settled on whether ice cream or popsicles are the best summer treat, there’s no denying that an efficient air conditioner is a must. One way to keep your system running its best is through regular tune-ups.

Thanks to an instant rebate of up to $150, servicing your system is more affordable now than ever before. In fact, an A/C tune-up can optimize the cooling output and efficiency of your air conditioning unit by up to 30%. Services must be performed by a registered trade ally contractor to be eligible for rebates. Terms and conditions may apply.

With an A/C tune-up, you can also:

  • Lower your monthly energy usage.
  • Deliver a cooler indoor environment.
  • Provide better humidity control. 
  • Obtain better indoor air quality.

During the A/C tune-up, your trusted trade ally partner will:

  • Clean the condenser coil.
  • Clean the evaporator coil.
  • Measure and adjust the airflow.
  • Measure and, if applicable, adjust the refrigerant.
  • Change the customer-provided air filter.

If your system is beyond the point of seeing the benefits from a tune-up, it may be time to replace it. Don’t worry, Entergy Solutions is also here to help with central air conditioner replacement rebates of up to $500.  

More ways to turn up your savings  

Contact a trusted trade ally to perform your air conditioner tune-up to take advantage of the instant rebate or call 844-829-1300 for one of our customer service agents to help get you connected with a trade ally in your area.  

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