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Kenneth Thompson embarks on his bright future in energy


Kenneth Thompson.
Kenneth Thompson.

Get to know our interns at Entergy 

Meet Kenneth Thompson, a supply chain intern at Entergy. He’s from Katy, Texas, and just started his senior year at the University of Houston.

Kenneth has always had an interest in business operations, specifically supply chain. A supply chain includes every step that is involved in getting a finished product or service to the customer. Kenneth says he knew he picked the right career path after seeing just how essential supply chain management was during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I knew I wanted to study business and decided to major in supply chain because of how important it is for companies,” said Kenneth. “I also wanted to be able to work with different companies that acted as both suppliers and customers.”

While searching for internships, Entergy caught Kenneth’s eye because the company services the Gulf Coast region, and he enjoyed the idea of working in the area where he grew up. He also liked that the opportunity would allow him to gain experience and learn about the energy and utility industry. 

During his internship at Entergy, Kenneth was part of the sustainable generation supply chain team, and his role was to create a market overview and sourcing strategy for wind energy.

“Working with Kenneth over the course of the last two months has been a great experience for me and our sustainable generation team,” said Cade Clanton, manager of sustainable generation for supply chain at Entergy. “Kenneth brought energy and eagerness to the table and quickly jumped into a very challenging project that involved working with our power development organization to structure a sourcing strategy for wind resources. He was able to present his work to many members of the power development leadership team and received high accolades. His project will be the foundation that we will continue to build on as we expand our presence in wind energy.”

Along with making his mark at Entergy, Kenneth learned the importance of networking.

“Everyone you meet has knowledge and experience that you don’t, so make sure to talk to everyone you can.”

Kenneth is expected to graduate from The University of Houston in December 2023. Afterwards, he plans to obtain a full-time position at a major energy company in Houston. 

In his spare time, Kenneth enjoys watching movies, spending time with friends, and trying new restaurants. He especially has a liking for Cajun style fried seafood!

Thanks for all your hard work and bright ideas, Kenneth!

Kennedy Smith
Communications Specialist II