Insights > Meadville Circuit Latest Target in Billion-Dollar Grid Modernization Effort

Meadville Circuit Latest Target in Billion-Dollar Grid Modernization Effort


Over the last three years, Entergy Mississippi has spent more than $1 billion to strengthen and modernize the energy grid.

We have undertaken reliability improvement projects throughout our 45-county service area. We have replaced aging copper wire with new, stronger aluminum, swapped out wooden poles for ones made of stronger materials and even relocated entire sections of lines and poles. We are currently working on one of these relocation projects in Franklin County.

From Worst to First

More than half a century ago, when linemen first built out the energy grid in this rural county, the lines and poles ran through rolling hills, misty valleys and pine forests. Copper was the standard conductor of the day.

This year we identified a primary circuit that delivers energy to about 1,200 residents as one of our poorer-performing circuits. We are completely rebuilding it in an area that is easier for crews to reach and that better aligns with the population.

Building the Utility of the Future

The existing line parallels the railroad track and is hard to access. We’re moving it to Highway 84, and should have most of the work done by the end of the year. The $1.55-million project is part of our commitment to improve service reliability through modernizing the grid as we build the utility of the future.

The project includes replacing some 125 wooden poles with about 160 new ones. Highway crossings will have steel poles. Crews will also replace 147 spans of copper wire with 189 spans of aluminum wire, which is stronger. The project will encompass up to 10 miles of line.

Crews have already removed vegetation and cleared the right-of-way. Construction began in late July. As the project progresses, Entergy will notify affected customers about planned outages.

The project will not only improve reliability for customers, but also for visitors to the Camp Ridge Point and Redneck Ridge campgrounds. It will make the area more desirable for economic growth, as well.

All in a Day’s Work

As Mississippi has grown so have Entergy’s energy assets. Today, we manage more than 20,000 miles of electrical lines, 291 substations, five natural gas plants and one nuclear plant. Whether it involves maintenance or repair, building or rebuilding, it is all in a day’s work for Entergy Mississippi.

Robbin Jeter, VP of Distribution Operations