Insights > More than 25,000 Mississippi Homeowners Save Money and Energy with the READI Program

More than 25,000 Mississippi Homeowners Save Money and Energy with the READI Program


Diane Franczyk is one of 25,000 Mississippi homeowners to have energy-saving items installed through the Entergy Mississippi Residential Audit and Direct Install Program. She received 14 LED bulbs, an LED night light, an advanced power strip and had her refrigerator coil cleaned at no additional cost.

“When we had the audit done, he replaced the bulbs in the bathroom and I couldn’t believe the amount of heat that was coming off the old bulbs,” Diane said. “I used to have to run a fan while doing my makeup and hair but after the LEDs were put in, the fan is no longer needed, and I stay comfortable.”

The READI auditor also helped Diane learn how to save energy and money, giving her tips that initiated new energy-efficient habits.

“The auditor was able to relay it in terms that we could understand. Even though our home was fairly new, he was able to give us great tips on how to maximize efficiency, I find myself turning lights off more often than I did before” she said.

Diane learned about the program at the Desoto County Earth Day Event in 2018. On a fixed income, she was looking for ways to save on bills. After her audit, Diane was so happy with the results that she has shared materials about the READI Program with 150 – 200 people at community events.

To participate, schedule an audit at or call 844-523-9980. An energy auditor will inspect and advise you on the condition of various features in your home, including:  

  • Insulation levels.
  • Air leaks.
  • Heating and cooling systems.
  • Windows and doors.
  • Lighting and appliances.
  • Water-heating equipment.

During the walk-through, you will receive a report on findings and opportunities to reduce your energy costs. Then, with your permission, the auditor will install energy-efficient products that can help you start saving energy and money like Diane.

Mississippi Editorial Team