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Powering the Future Through Local Businesses


Powering southeast Texas goes beyond just providing power to our customers. For Entergy Texas, that means when we build projects to serve customers, we want to invest in local and diverse suppliers as much as possible. By investing locally in these projects, we create a multiplier effect for our communities – we improve how we serve customers, while also driving increased economic activity. 

Pending approval by the Public Utility Commission, the Orange County Advanced Power Station is a 1,215-megawatt, combined cycle power facility. The plant will be located near Bridge City, Texas and will be capable of powering more than 230,000 homes and use a combination of natural gas and hydrogen. 

According to an economic impact study from TXP Inc., the project will generate $1.8 billion in economic activity across Texas and create thousands of jobs across Texas. The project will create approximately 600 onsite construction jobs and 25 permanent jobs.

To ensure we are working closely with local and diverse suppliers, Entergy Texas and TIC, Entergy’s project team, held a supplier information session for local and diverse vendors interested in opportunities related to the construction of the Orange County Advanced Power Station.

Vendors from across Texas and the broader Gulf Coast region had the opportunity to learn about the project, the suppliers needed and how to become a TIC vendor. Opportunities range from janitorial services to engineering.

Interested vendors should visit Entergy’s Doing Business with Entergy site for details on becoming a prequalified Entergy vendor for goods and services. Those interested in applying for jobs on the project should go to Contact Us page on the project site.

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