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Save some green with appliance incentives


You’re in luck. Entergy Mississippi is here to help you go green and save a pot o’ gold by offering incentives for replacing old appliances with new qualifying ENERGY STAR® certified products.

A household equipped with ENERGY STAR certified products can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 77,000 pounds and save about $8,750 in utility bills over the products’ lifetimes, according to That is savings of roughly 24%, or $450, each year. That’s a win for your wallet and the planet.

Through the Entergy Solutions Appliances Program, you can apply for a wide variety of incentives on high efficiency products such as:

  • Up to $100 off advanced smart thermostats.
  • Up to $50 off refrigerators.
  • Up to $75 off clothes washers.
  • Up to $75 off clothes dryers.
  • Up to $50 off room air conditioners.
  • Up to $40 off dehumidifiers.
  • Up to $750 off heat pump water heaters.

So many ways to save.

  • Visit Entergy Solutions Marketplace for instant incentives on advanced smart thermostats, advanced power strips, water saving products and more.
  • Apply for incentives on eligible appliances online.
  • Visit our Appliances Program page to download and print an application and mail it in.

For more information on the Appliances Program and to view eligible models, visit, or call 844-523-9980.

Start saving today

Mississippi Editorial Team