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A Smart Energy Future for New Orleans with You in Mind


As we move toward building a brighter and healthier energy future for New Orleans, and our customers’ needs and expectations evolve, it is important that our relationship evolves. While we continue to provide innovative clean and affordable energy in the form of electric and gas services and related technologies to our city—we’re also here to help you use energy more efficiently resulting in more savings to you.

We recognize that you may, at times, experience higher than normal bills due in large part to increased energy usage. However, advancements in technology have provided us with new insights into how energy is used.

Last year, Entergy began its journey to a smarter energy future focusing on customer needs by installing advanced meters on homes systemwide, with our millionth install right here in New Orleans. As we continue these installations, we encourage you to empower yourself to make more informed decisions about how and when you use electricity in your home. The data from the new meters will pinpoint high energy usage to help you learn how to use your home appliances more efficiently and, in turn, save money.

There’s more we do to partner with you on lowering bills.  Our Energy Smart program can help make your home more energy efficient. Partnerships with local companies give us the ability to offer free to low-cost solutions, such as LED light bulbs, water-conservation measures and smart thermostats, and home assessments to help you save. Rebates and incentives are also provided for duct sealing, A/C tune ups and replacements, attic insulation for qualified homes, and lighting and appliances. We’ll even send you a free energy-saving kit to help you get started.

While you’re waiting for your kit, you can take simple steps around your home to conserve energy. One way is to set your thermostat to the highest possible comfortable temperature during the summer months. We recommend 68 degrees during the winter months and 78 degrees during the summer months. Remember, for every degree above or below the recommended seasonal temperature, your bill can increase by as much as 3%. Be sure to seal cracks around doors and windows to keep your home comfortable and at an optimal temperature.

Entergy provides several ways you can manage your billing and usage. If you feel your bill is too high, try Entergy’s Analyze My Bill to compare your energy usage over time and learn about fuel costs. With this tool, customers can pinpoint the best ways to save money.

We also offer level billing and our Pick-A-Date program, which helps customers customize their bill payments to best suit them. Qualifying customers can also request more time if they need an extension to pay their bill.

Entergy’s The Power to Care program helps low-income, disabled and elderly customers pay their electricity bills in their time of need. Funds are donated by Entergy employees, customers and shareholders. In addition to The Power to Care, bill-payment assistance is available through the federal Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

Entergy has been powering New Orleans for nearly 100 years. How we all use and manage energy is now more critical than ever. We are committed to providing you with solutions to save money today as we combat climate change for a greener tomorrow.

Sandra Diggs-Miller
Vice President, Customer Service, Entergy New Orleans