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Stepping Up to Improve Reliability


Just like a car that needs a check-up, Entergy needs to inspect our equipment to ensure it is working properly. These type of inspections – or walk-downs – put servicemen on the ground with binoculars, cameras and even drones to help identify and document opportunities for reliability improvements. Walk-downs are just like they sound. Entergy personnel walk our power lines, including in customers’ backyards, to get eyes on our equipment. 

Recently, Entergy Texas crews conducted a walk-down in the Shenandoah area to assess our equipment in the area.

These types of walk-downs play a key role in our reliability infrastructure programs because they help identify areas that may need proactive maintenance to prevent future outages and improve service to our customers. Walk-downs are beneficial because they identify spots where vegetation may impact our lines or help identify damaged or aging equipment that might be reaching the end of its life and needs to be replaced.

This walk-down is just one of the numerous reliability projects and upgrades going on across the Entergy Texas service territory. Over the next three years, Entergy Texas is investing more than $2 billion to power the future of Southeast Texas. This includes the construction of a new power plant, transmission lines, substations and distribution enhancements to reliably transport electricity to nearly half a million homes and businesses.




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