Insights > Three Industrial Sites Join Entergy Mississippi’s Growing List of Qualified Sites

Three Industrial Sites Join Entergy Mississippi’s Growing List of Qualified Sites


Congratulations to leaders in Rankin, Warren and Washington counties. They have put in the time and hard work to earn certification for sites in their industrial parks through Entergy’s Economic Development Qualified Sites Program.

Why is this important? Because it means that they are ready to compete on a national level for jobs and growth, and that’s no small thing. Trying to get an industry to locate or expand in a community involves fierce competition. Prospects know this, so their expectations are high. Communities must be ready to respond to prospects’ requests quickly and effectively if they want the jobs and investment the location or expansion would bring.

When an economic development organization has an Entergy qualified site for consideration, it is an assurance to prospects that professional engineers and other relevant specialists have completed an in-depth analysis of the property and that the results of the studies are available for prospects to review. It also means that projects undertaken on these sites will be overseen by a team that provides answers, solves problems, streamlines processes and removes the red tape that can complicate a business’s location or expansion.

When Entergy qualifies a site, it means a lot of the work has already been done That helps businesses go from concept to operations quickly and efficiently, and with accurate cost estimates. It eliminates the unknown and mitigates a lot of the risk that’s inherent with developing a site. This gives communities a big advantage in the selection process.

Could a community do this work on its own without help from Entergy? It could, but site development is costly. Leveraging the resources of Entergy and other economic development agencies, like Delta Regional Authority and the Mississippi Development Authority, helps make site development achievable. That’s especially true for smaller, more rural communities.

But the help doesn’t stop there. Entergy will also provide resources to promote the sites and market them to national and international brokerage firms and site consultants.

We’re proud to add these sites to our growing list of qualified properties:

East Metropolitan Center. Rankin First Economic Development Authority’s site is in its 1,133-acre business and industrial park next to Interstate 20 in Brandon and three miles from the metro area’s international airport. Rankin First is qualifying 50 acres and working on documentation for another 170 acres.

Ceres Industrial Park. The Vicksburg-Warren Partnership has 1,000 available acres in the park, which is 10 miles east of Vicksburg on Interstate 20. There are three qualified parcels in the park totaling 266 acres.

Leland Industrial Park. The Washington County Economic Alliance has 500 qualified acres in this park. Less than one mile north of Leland, the park is at the intersection of U.S. Highway 82 and U.S. Highway 61. It is 16 miles from Greenville’s port.

Entergy Mississippi’s other qualified sites are in Adams, Bolivar, DeSoto, Hinds, Madison and Tunica counties.

Ed Gardner
Director, Business & Economic Development, Entergy Mississippi