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Tutoring Program’s Success Adds Up


From right: Chairman and CEO Leo Denault; Senior Vice President, General Tax Counsel Joe Henderson; and Tax Associate Beverly Johns join students for a photo at the scholarship certificate presentation in April.

One day a week during the school year, employee volunteers gather on the seventh floor of Entergy corporate headquarters. For an hour, they transform from employee to math tutor. And that hour each week helps make a difference in the lives of New Orleans-area high school students.

Since 2016, Entergy has hosted a one-on-one tutoring program to help prepare students for the math portion of the ACT college entrance exam. Approximately 30 students participate each year, and they get more than just help solving equations. They are encouraged to achieve what they perceive as impossible.

"All of the students look forward to the one-on-one help with the ACT, and many have expressed that this was an opportunity that they never thought they would have," said Beverly Johns, tax associate and ACT prep program coordinator. "The tutors provide them with the guidance and mentoring they need."

Looking at the numbers, it's clear to see the difference the program makes. For example: 

  • Of the 36 students tutored in 2016, 28 completed the program. Their average math ACT score was 16 with a composite score of 17.
  • Of the 31 students tutored in 2017, 26 completed the program. Their average math ACT score was 20 with a composite score of 23.
  • In 2016, one participant improved her math ACT score by 10 points and her composite score by six points.
  • In 2017, one participant improved his math ACT score by eight points and his composite score by seven points.

 While the numbers tell a good story, it's the students who really highlight the program's impact. 

  • "My tutor was great at explaining concepts that were difficult for me to understand. I'm very grateful for the opportunity Entergy gave me." – 11th grade student
  • "I enjoyed going to ACT prep each week. It helped me learn more math, especially algebra. My tutor was really helpful and patient. I am looking forward to this year's tutoring sessions." - 12th grade student
  • "Entergy ACT prep, in conjunction with my math classes, helped me significantly. The one-on-one tutoring helped because I did not have to wait to ask questions. During the course of ACT prep, I gained a greater understanding of how the ACT would be formatted and how hard the math on the ACT would be." - 11th grade student

On top of a better understanding of math, students are also eligible for scholarships based on their ACT scores and attendance. This is a tremendous help for them to pursue a college education.

"Last year, one of the students who received more than $1,000 for his math achievement cried after he was presented with his scholarship certificate," Johns said. "He kept asking me if this was real and I told him, 'Yes. You earned it with your hard work and dedication.’”

Helping to create a brighter future for these students — one equation at a time — is just one way we power life.

New Orleans Editorial Team