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Two ways New Orleans’ residential customers can score $50


Join the savings team

Customers who own or purchase a smart thermostat can earn additional incentives of up to $50 their first year by enrolling qualifying smart thermostats in the Energy Smart EasyCool program. Customers can earn a $25 incentive each additional year of participation. For more information, visit EasyCool Smart Thermostats.

Pass the cash

Energy Smart’s Appliance Recycling offer provides no-cost pickup and recycling of working refrigerators and freezers. You’ll receive $50 for recycling your fridge or freezer, plus big savings on your energy bill. ENERGY STAR® estimates that refrigerators over 15 years old could be costing you around $90 per year to run. On average, an old refrigerator uses about 30% more energy than a model that has earned the ENERGY STAR certification.

We assist

The Energy Smart Appliance Recycling offering provides free in-home pickup. No need for you to lug a heavy appliance to the curb. Schedule your no-cost pickup today.

Recycle your appliance

To learn more about Energy Smart and the other energy-saving opportunities, visit, email or call 504-229-6868.

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