News Release > Entergy, Arbor Day Foundation to Provide Free Trees for Energy Conservation

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Entergy, Arbor Day Foundation to Provide Free Trees for Energy Conservation


NEW ORLEANS – Entergy Corporation is teaming up with The Arbor Day Foundation to provide free trees to Entergy residential customers in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and New Orleans. This is part of an ongoing effort to distribute trees to Entergy customers. The Arbor Day Foundation's pilot, Energy-Saving Trees program, is aimed at helping conserve energy through strategic tree planting.

Entergy customers can reserve up to three free trees at  In return for the free trees, customers are instructed on how  to plant them in a location that will reduce their energy consumption and care for them.

"Entergy applauds the efforts of Arbor Day Foundation to link energy efficiency, environmental stewardship and new technology embodied in the Energy Saving Trees program. We are excited at the prospect of helping our customers reduce their energy consumption while helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions through tree planting," said Brent Dorsey, director, corporate environmental programs.

To help customers choose the most strategic location to plant their tree, the Energy-Saving Trees program provides customers with access to an online tool. The tool allows customers to map their house, select a tree with energy-saving potential, view the best energy-saving locations to plant, and receive an estimate of the annual savings they will receive as the tree grows. The 2- to 4-foot-tall trees will then be delivered directly to the customer to plant this fall in the designated location.

"The Arbor Day Foundation is excited to launch this new partnership with Entergy to provide trees to Entergy customers in Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana," said John Rosenow, chief executive of the Arbor Day Foundation. "The new Energy-Saving Trees online program helps people reduce their energy bills through planting the right trees in the right place in their yards, and Entergy's commitment to helping their customers by providing the trees at no cost demonstrates Entergy's long-term commitment to energy conservation."

Along with energy savings, the Energy-Saving Trees provide community benefits including air quality improvements, storm water reduction and carbon sequestration.

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