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Freezing temperatures expected across Louisiana


NEW ORLEANS – While most customers associate the heat of summer with a rise in energy bills, very cold temperatures also can cause higher bills, which is why energy efficiency is important year-round.

Since heating cooling costs make up about 55% of an average customer’s utility bill, taking steps to save energy can help keep bills low when the cold temperatures move in. Customers can manage their energy usage and save money on their bill by installing energy efficient upgrades through the Entergy Solutions program for Entergy Louisiana customers and the Energy Smart program for Entergy New Orleans customers. Examples of products and services available at little to no cost include LED bulbs, smart thermostats, AC tune-ups, duct sealing and insulation.

In addition, both programs offer home assessments that yield energy efficiency recommendations. A Home Performance with ENERGY STAR assessment reduces the up-front cost of installing energy efficiency upgrades. Depending on the recommendations chosen, customers could save up to 20% or more on their annual utility bill.

Customers also can save money with these easy do-it-yourself energy efficiency tips:

  • Seal air leaks. Use caulk or weatherstripping around doors, windows and any location where there may be a path between the inside and outside.
  • Adjust the thermostat. Set the thermostat to 68 degrees during winter months, and dress in layers to stay warm. Each degree above 68 can increase your energy bill by about 3%.
  • Conserve hot water. Set your hot water heater’s thermostat to 120 degrees, or the medium setting. Wrap electric water heaters with water heater blankets, which can be found at home improvement stores.
  • Keep doors and windows closed. Constant traffic will let out warm air, forcing your heater to work harder to keep the room at a set temperature.
  • Ensure fans are turning the right way. Fans should be run at a low speed clockwise during the winter to prevent the cold air from blowing down on you.
  • Replace air filters. Dirty filters make your heating system work harder. Replace them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Leverage the sun. During the day, open your curtains and blinds to let in the warm sunlight. Close them at night to reduce heat loss.

For customers struggling to pay their bill, Entergy offers a number of payment options, such as deferred payment plans, level billing, auto-pay, and more, as well as tools and programs designed to help customers manage energy usage. Visit or call 1-800-ENTERGY (1-800-368-3749) to speak with a customer service representative. Through Entergy's The Power to Care program, local nonprofit agencies provide emergency bill payment assistance to seniors and disabled individuals. Please call the New Orleans Council on Aging (NOCOA) at (504) 821-4121 for information. You also may be eligible to receive federal payment assistance through the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Visit for additional information.

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