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Get READI to Improve Energy Efficiency and Save Money on Home Utility Bills


JACKSON, Miss. – Customers of Entergy Mississippi, Inc. are encouraged to take advantage of free home energy audits by signing up for READI —  the Residential Energy Audit and Direct Install Program. The READI Program is a fast, free, easy way to increase energy efficiency and reduce monthly utility bills. Home energy audits take about an hour and may include installation of energy-efficient products to help lower utility costs.

"The READI Program is designed to be a convenient first step for residential customers who are interested in learning how to make their homes more energy efficient," said Haley Fisackerly, Entergy Mississippi president and CEO. "In addition to providing detailed energy reports, our auditors are prepared to install energy-efficient light bulbs, efficient-flow shower heads and faucet aerators that allow customers to start saving immediately on utility bills."

The READI Program is part of Entergy Mississippi’s Entergy Solutions, a suite of five new programs designed to help customers improve energy efficiency and save money. Other programs include the Residential Lighting Program, which launched in early October; two energy-efficiency programs for commercial, industrial and governmental customers, and the Residential Heating and Cooling and Tune-up Program. Entergy Mississippi will launch all Entergy Solutions programs by early 2015.

The READI Program begins with a home visit by an energy-efficiency auditor, who performs a detailed visual inspection of the home. Audit findings are then summarized in a report along with energy-saving recommendations. Auditors are also prepared to install products at no additional cost to help customers start reducing utility costs immediately. These products may include compact fluorescent bulbs, efficient-flow shower heads and faucet aerators. Additional recommendations may include eliminating air leaks, improving insulation, upgrading appliances and participating in other Entergy Mississippi programs that can help customers improve comfort and save money.

For more information about the READI Program and to schedule a home energy audit, or to learn more about other Entergy Solutions programs, visit or call 844-523-9980.

Entergy Mississippi's commercial, industrial and governmental customers may visit the website or call 844-523-9979 to learn more about Entergy Solutions programs designed to help them increase efficiency and save money.

Entergy Mississippi’s Entergy Solutions programs were developed at the request of the Mississippi Public Service Commission, which asked utilities to create more opportunities for customers to save money on their electric bills through improved energy efficiency.

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